10 Difference between Active and Passive Immunity

Parameters Active ImmunityPassive Immunity
Duration of its protectionActive immunity is generally long-lasting, as it is created by the host’s antibodies in response to direct antigen interaction.Passive immunity is only effective for a few weeks or months at most. It is caused by the introduction of antibodies into the host from the outside.
Immunological MemoryIt results in the formation of immunological memory.It has no effect on immunological memory.
Time of its ResponseImmunity does not develop overnight.Immunity develops almost instantly.
Side EffectsThere aren’t any negative consequences.It has the potential to trigger responses.
Production of AntibodiesAntibodies and other specialized lymphocytes are generated when antigens enter the body.Antibodies are brought in from a different source. Antibodies are introduced to a foetus through the placenta and to a newborn through the mother’s milk.