7 Difference Between Embryo And Zygote

What Is a Zygote?

Zygote is a single cell that results from the fertilization of an egg by a sperm. It is also known as a fertilized egg or an embryo. The zygote divides to form a ball of cells called a blastocyst, which in turn divides to form the baby and other structures in the body.

Zygotes are created when an egg cell is fertilized by one sperm cell. This happens during sexual reproduction, when male and female reproductive cells meet inside the female’s uterus or womb. A zygote is also called an embryo, which means “growing within.”

What is Embryo?

An embryo is the early stage of development of a multicellular organism. In general, in organisms that reproduce sexually, embryonic development is the part of the life cycle that begins just after fertilization and continues through the formation of body structures, such as tissues and organs. Each embryo starts development as a zygote, a single cell resulting from the fusion of gametes (i.e. the process of fertilization which is the fusion of a female egg cell and a male sperm cell).

Zygote Vs Embryo

1.A zygote is defined as the union of male gamete and female gamete during the fertilization process.On the other hand, an embryo is defined as the unborn offspring that is under development.
2.A zygote is the first stage of development. It is also called as the fertilized ovum/ egg.The embryo is the second stage of the fertilization process.
3.The zygote takes around 3-6 days to form.The age of an embryo ranges from ten weeks to thirteen weeks.
4.The zygote divides itself from one cell to two cells. Further, it divided itself into four cells and can reach up to the count of sixteen.Embryos do not divide at all.
5.The formation of a blastula occurs in the zygote.The process of gastrulation occurs in the embryo.
6.The Zygote is formed by the fusion of gametes.An embryo is formed from the zygote.
7.The zygote is found in the fallopian tube.An embryo is found in the uterus and is also implanted in the endometrium.