Hoya Macrophylla Plant Facts

Botanical NameHoya Macrophylla
Plant Common NameHoya Macrophylla White Margins, Hoya Clandestina, and Hoya Browniana
Light RequirementsGive it a lot of bright, indirect light during its growing phase.
Water RequirementsThis plant grows naturally in arid and hot environments with infrequent rains. It does best when it can dry out completely before watering.
Soil RequirementsHoya Macrophylla likes a well-draining soil mix. Plus soil with an alkaline pH level is perfect for it.
Fertilizer RequirementsOnce or twice a month, a moderate amount of balanced houseplant fertilizer is recommended during its growing season.
Temperature RequirementsThe ideal temperature range is between 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Humidity RequirementsIt needs a humidity level of 50% to 70%.
SizeIts leaves can grow four to six inches. 
Foliage ColorOften include stripes of pink, yellow, or white coloring amidst its deep green shade.
PropagationThrough stem cuttings in soil and water.
ToxicityIt shows the typical Hoya toxicity so better to keep it out of kids and pets reach.
Pot RequirementsPick a small to a medium-sized container with drainage holes. 
Pruning RequirementsGetting rid of the damaged leaves always helps your plant look healthy and fresh.
Growth ZoneIt’s hardy to USDA zones 10 and 11.
Common ProblemsMisshapen leaves, dropping new leaves, wrinkling or thin leaves, vines dying back.
PestsAphids, Mold and Fungus, and Mealybugs.
Where to BuyYou can buy Hoya Macrophylla in your local nurseries or online stores like Amazon.