Hoya Compacta Plant Facts

Botanical NameHoya Carnosa Krinkle Kurls, Hoya Carnosa Compacta
Plant Common NameHindu Rope Plant
Light RequirementsBright indirect light for optimal growth.
Water RequirementsWater when the potting mix is almost dry during its growing phase. And water it infrequently during the winter season.
Soil RequirementsLightweight, well-aerated, and fast-draining soil mix.
Fertilizer RequirementsFeed every month with diluted water-soluble plant feed, only in spring summer.
Temperature Requirements70 degrees Fahrenheit and above during daytime and 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit during nighttime.
Humidity RequirementsHigher humidity levels, around 40% to 60%.
SizeCan grow up to 15 inches in length.
Foliage ColorCan be either solid dark green or variegated green and white. Plus waxy or glossy appearance.
PropagationThrough stem cuttings in soil and water.
ToxicityNot toxic. Safe for kids and pets.
Pot RequirementsUse a small container with drainage holes that keeps the roots tightly packed.
Pruning RequirementsPrune any damaged or dead stems. Get rid of any brown, yellow, or dead leaves.
Growth ZoneUSDA hardiness zone 10 to 12.
Common ProblemsPest infestations and fungal disease caused by botrytis.
PestsAphids, spider mites, and mealybugs.
Where to BuyYou can buy one in your local nurseries or through Etsy or Amazon.