10 Differences between Heterotrophs And Autotrophs

Points of ComparisonHeterotrophsAutotrophs
DefinitionThese are the organisms who are not able to prepare food on their own and depend on others for it. These organisms make their food on their own with the help of sunlight, air and water. 
Presence of ChloroplastChloroplast absent Autotrophs contain chloroplast. 
Energy SourceHeterotrophs derive their food directly or indirectly from other organisms. They derive food from inorganic sources like- sunlight, water etc. 
Types of organismsPhotoheterotroph and ChemoheterotrophPhotoautotroph and Chemoautotroph
Energy StorageThey are not able to store energy. Not capable of storing energyThey store chemical energy. 
DependencyRely on other organisms for foodIndependent
Food chain levelSecondary or tertiary levelPrimary producer
MovementThey are capable to move from one place to another for foodCannot move from one place to another
ExampleAnimals such as elephants, cats, horses, cats, cows, dogs, etc.Green plants, algae and some bacteria