Differences Between Genotype And Phenotype

Points of ComparisonGenotypePhenotype
DefinitionA set of genes in DNA that are responsible for unique characteristics or traits are called genotype.The physical characteristics or appearance of an organism is called phenotype
ObservableGenotypes are present within an organism’s chromosomes.Phenotypes are observable characteristics and they can be seen on an individual’s body.
InheritedGenotypes are partially inherited.Phenotypes are non-inherited
Affected byGenetic compositions can affect genotypes.On the other hand, an organism’s genotype can affect phenotype.
Consists ofIt consists of an organism’s hereditary characteristics.It consists of different characteristics of an organism, for instance, an individual’s development, physiological and biological properties, and behavior, etc.
Determined byThe process of genotyping in various scientific methods like PCR determined genotypes.By observing an individual, phenotypes can be easily determined
RelationSame genotypes usually result in the same phenotypes.But the same phenotype may not obtain from the same genotype.
ChangesIt remains the same throughout the entire life of an individual.It may change throughout an individual life.
ExamplesGenotype examples seen in different organisms for instance are the homozygous allele for height, the heterozygous allele for height, and the homozygous allele for eye color.Phenotype examples are seen in different organisms for instance are eye color, blood group, and hair color, etc.