16 Difference Between Xylem And Phloem

Xylem is the complex tissue of plants, responsible for transporting water and other nutrients to the plants.Phloem is living tissue, responsible for transporting food and other organic materials.
It helps to carry water from roots to leaves.It helps to carry food from the leaves to growing organs and also to the storage organs.
Xylem is located in the centre of the vascular bundle, deep in the plant.Phloem is located on the outer side of the vascular bundle.
The cell wall of xylem is thick and made up of lignin.The cell wall of phloem is thin. made up of cellulose.
It is usually made up of dead cells.It is usually made up of living cells.
Their movement is unidirectional.Their movement is bidirectional.
It helps in the passive transport of water.It helps in the active transport of sugar and food.
Xylem transports only minerals and waters from the rootsPhloem transports food materials that are prepared by the green parts of the plants to other parts of the plant.
Provide mechanical supportDoes not provide mechanical support.
Xylem fibres are smaller.Phloem fibres are larger.
They are present in roots, stems and leaves.They are present in stems and leaves, which later transports and grow in roots, fruits and seeds.
The total amount of xylem tissue is more.The total amount of phloem tissue is less.
Forms vascular bundles with phloem.Forms vascular bundles with xylem.
It consists of tracheids, vessel elements, xylem parenchyma, xylem sclerenchyma and xylem fibres.It consists of four elements: companion cells, sieve tubes, bast fibres, phloem fibres, intermediary cells and the phloem parenchyma.
Xylem constitutes mostly the bulk of the body of the plantPhloem constitutes a small part of the body of the plant
It is responsible for replacing the total amount of lost water molecules through transpiration and photosynthesis.It is responsible for transporting proteins and mRNAs throughout the plant.

Xylem vs Phloem Key Points

  • Plant xylem is a complex tissue that aids in the movement of water and nutrients throughout the plant. Phloem is a living tissue in plants that aids in the movement of food and other materials.
  • The vascular bundle’s xylem is found in the centre. The vascular bundle’s phloem is found on the outside.
  • Fibres, xylem vessels, and tracheids make up the xylem. Phloem fibres, phloem parenchyma, sieve cells, sieve tubes, and companion cells make up phloem.
  • Xylem provides mechanical assistance. Phloem does not provide any mechanical assistance.
  • The xylem is a one-way tube. Phloem is a bidirectional vascular system.
  • Both water and minerals are transported from the roots via the xylem. The phloem assists in the transfer of food created by the plant’s green sections.
  • The majority of the plant’s body is contained in the xylem. The phloem is a tiny part of the plant’s anatomy.
  • The xylem’s conducting cells have died. The phloem’s conducting cells are alive.