Difference between Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

Points of ComparisonAsexual ReproductionSexual Reproduction
MeaningIt is process in which a new organisms is developed by the involvement of only one parentThe kind of reproduction where there is an involvement of one or two parents
Gamete formationDoes not occurOccurs
Sex organsIt doesn’t form any sex organsIt forms sex organs
ZygoteThe zygote doesn’t formZygote formation occurs due to fusion of gametes
Found InLower organismsHigher invertebrates and all vertebrates
FertilizationOccurredDoes not occur
InheritanceOffspring inherits the characteristics of both parentsOffspring inherits the characteristics of only one parent
CellsGerm cells are involvedParents somatic cells are involved
Cell DivisionMitosis type of cell division occursBoth Meiosis and mitosis type of cell division 
OffspringTwo or moreOne or two
ProgenyParents are genetically similarGenetically different parents
ExampleFragmentation, bacterial fission, spore formation, etcSyngamy, external fertilization, conjugation