Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

Prokaryotic CellsEukaryotic Cells
It does not contain the nuclear membrane-bound.It contains the nuclear membrane bounded by the nucleus.
It is very small in size and has a simple structure.It is comparatively larger and has a complex structure.
It is a unicellular organism.It is a multicellular organism.
The growth of prokaryotic cells is faster.The growth of eukaryotic cells is slow.
Only a single chromosome is present.More than one chromosome is present.
The cell division in prokaryotic cells is done by fission.The cell division in eukaryotic cells is done by the mitosis process.
The nucleolus is not found in these cells.The nucleolus is present in these cells.
It has a complex cell wall, present in all the prokaryotic cells.It has a simple cell wall and is present only in plants and fungi.
It has small ribosomes.It has comparatively large ribosomes.
The cytoplasm is present.The cytoplasm in these cells is also present.
Examples – amoeba, blue and green algae, bacteria, and archaea.Examples – plants, animals, fungi, and protist cells.