6 Difference Between Mixed Cropping and Intercropping

Mixed CroppingIntercropping
Mixed cropping aims at avoiding crop failure even in unfavorable climatic conditions.Intercropping aims at optimum utilization of the space available for the cultivation of multiple crops to increase crop productivity.
No particular pattern is followed.Seeds are planted in a specific row pattern.
Seeds of two or more plants are mixed and sowed.Seeds of the plants are not mixed and they are sowed separately in a certain pattern.
Fertilizers and Pesticides used for the crops are the same.Pesticides and Fertilizers are used separately for each crop based on their specific requirements.
The duration, maturity, and lifecycle of each crop sown vary considerably.The duration, maturity, and lifecycle of each crop sown are similar to each other.
The crop yield obtained can be harvested and sold together.The yield of each crop is harvested and sold separately at different times.