Difference between Glycolysis and Krebs Cycle

GlycolysisKrebs Cycle
The location where the process occurs is the cell’s cytoplasm.The location where the process occurs is the cell’s mitochondria.
It takes place in all the living organismsIt takes place only in the aerobes
The carbon dioxide is not evolved during this process.The carbon dioxide is evolved during this process.
It requires two ATP molecules to substance molecules for the initial phosphorylation.It does not require any ATP.
It takes place in a linear sequence.It takes place in a cyclic sequence.
It does not need oxygen.It needs oxygen.
In this process, 4 molecules of ATP are generated by one molecule of glucose through substrate-level phosphorylationIn this process, 2 molecules of ATP and GTP are generated by two molecules of acetyl residues through substrate-level phosphorylation
It yields two molecules of pyruvate with the action of breaking down glucose and is the first step of respiration.It forms water and carbon dioxide by degrading the pyruvate and is the second step of respiration.
For the glucose breaking down every time, it results in the formation of two molecules of NADH and ATP each.For every molecule of acetyl-CoA being oxidised, it results in the two molecules of FADH2 and NADH.