5 Difference between Dominant and Recessive Traits

ExpressionTraits that are expressed in individuals even when one allele is presentExpression of the traits in an individual occurs only when both the recessive alleles are present in an individual
RepresentationThe capital letter is used for denoting a dominant alleleThe small letter is used for denoting a recessive allele
Examples in Pea PlantsRound seeds, Tall plants, White flowersWrinkled seeds, Short plants, Violet flowers
Examples in HumansDark hair, Brown eyes, V-shaped hairline, Right handedness, Detached earlobes, Almond-shaped eyesBlonde and red hair, Blue eyes, Straight hairline, Left-handedness, Attached earlobes, Round eyes
Examples in DrosophilaBrown body color, Red eyesBlack body color, Brown eyes