14 Difference between Auxin and Gibberellin

Points of ComparisonAuxinGibberellin
StructureIt’s an unsaturated structure with a side chain that might be single or double.It’s a side-chain-free saturated tetracyclic gibbane structure.
Discovered inHigher plants have this.It can be found in both higher plants and fungi.
Dominance at the apexThis results in apical dominance.It does not affect apical dominance.
Root DevelopmentAt normal concentrations, auxin suppresses root development.Such consequences do not exist.
Growth of the ShootsEncourages the growth of shoot segments.Encourages the growth of the healthy shoot.
Growth of the LeaveHas a negligible impact on leaf growth.Enhances the growth of the leaves
Elongation of the stemShoots that are genetically small and do not elongate.Shoots that are genetically small and often elongate
BoltingIt does not affect bolting.It causes rosette plants to bolt.
Growth of CallusesIt is necessary for callus development.It plays no part in the development of calluses.
Dormancy of Seeds and BudsAuxin does not affect the dormancy of seeds or buds.Gibberellin is important for seed germination and breaking dormancy in seeds and buds.
Formation of RootsIt aids in the formation of roots.It doesn’t encourage roots.
Hormonal ReactionsSome plants respond to auxin by being feminised.Some plants respond to gibberellin by becoming more masculine.
TransportBasipetal transport is demonstrated.Both acropetal and basipetal transportation is possible.
FunctionsAxion elongation, cell differentiation, cell division, cellular expansion, isodiametric expansion, and lateral expansion are important processes in plants.Seed germination, stem elongation, flowering, dormancy, sex expression, enzyme induction, and leaf and fruit withering are important processes.